• I conduct research on how to effectively manage and lead the increasingly diverse and dynamic labor force. The two primary areas of my interests are dynamics of multinational teams and employee turnover.


    My research aims to shed light on how to manage participation and status dynamics in multinational teams. Specifically, one of my studies examines how language proficiency, an understudied construct, adds a unique layer to team dynamics above and beyond the commonly studied dimensions of cultural and demographic diversity (Li, Yuan, Bazarova, & Bell, 2018). For example, we found that language proficiency dispersion among team members limits voicing behaviors, the accurate recognition of expertise, and ultimately overall team performance. These effects were also more pronounced in face-to-face teams than in virtual teams. This study has received the 2015 Best Student Paper Award and 2015 Student Transnational Research Award from the Academy of Management. In a related paper, my collaborators and I studied how people from different national and organizational cultures view, gain, maintain, and utilize status (Li, Chen, & Blader, 2016).


    For my research on employee turnover, I study how and why unit-level changes, for example, leader departures, lead to unit instability or collective turnover. My collaborators and I are studying how the different characteristics of the exiting and incoming leaders influence members’ voluntary turnover behaviors both in the short term and in the long run (Li, Hausknecht, & Dragoni, in press). This study has received the 2018 Best Micro Paper Award from the International Association for Chinese Management Research.


    I have conducted research in collaboration with a variety of organizations including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Darden, Ingersoll Rand, Merck, etc.

  • Education

    Ph.D. Cornell University, 2015 – 2020

    Management and Organizations (Johnson School of Management)

    M. S. Cornell University, 2013 – 2015

    Human Resource Studies

    (Industrial and Labor Relations School)

    M. A. Stanford University, 2012 – 2013

    International Comparative Education

    B. S. Jilin University (China), 2005 – 2009

    Applied Psychology

  • Selected Honors

    2019 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Student ($6,000)

    International Association for Chinese Management Research

    2018 Best Micro Paper Award

    International Association of Conflict Management

    2018 Advanced consortium on cooperation, conflict, and complexity fellow with scholarship ($1,350)

    Academy of Management

    2015 Best Student Paper Award (Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division)

    2015 Student Transnational Research Award (Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division)

    Stanford University

    Bei Shan Tang Foundation Fellowship (merit-based, $ 45,000 / year)

  • Research


    Li, H., Hausknecht, J. P., & Dragoni, L. (In press). Initial and Longer-Term Change in Unit-Level Turnover Following Leader Succession: Contingent Effects of Outgoing and Incoming Leader Characteristics. Organization Science


    Li, H., Yu, Kun, & Jin, X. (2019). Not all leaving is created equal: Differentiating organizational and occupational turnover intentions. Journal of Personnel Psychology.


    Li, H., Yuan, Y. C., Bazarova, N., & Bell, B. S. (2018). Talk and Let Talk: Effects of Language Proficiency on Speaking Up and Competence Recognition in Multinational Team. Group & Organization Management


    Li, H., Chen, Y. R., & Blader, S. L. (2016). Where is context? Advancing status research with a contextual value perspective. Research in Organizational Behavior.


    Hausknecht, J. P., & Li, H. (2015). Big Data in Turnover and Retention. Big Data at Work: The Data Science Revolution and Organizational Psychology, 250.

    Under review

    Li, H., Wang, X., Williams, M, Chen., Y.-R., & Brockner, J. My Boss is Younger, Less Educated, and Has a Shorter Tenure: Status (In)congruence and Supervisor Competence Influence Subordinates’ Fairness Perceptions and Work Motivation (Under review at Organization Science) * Part of dissertation, job talk paper


    Li, H., Chen, Y.-R., & Hildreth, J. A. Powerlessness also Corrupts: Lacking Power Increases Self-Promotional Lying (Under extended review at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology) * Part of dissertation


    Li, H., Shen, X., & Li, J. The Less-Educated Leading the More-Educated: Educational Status Incongruence in Teams and Outsider’s Perceptions and Investment (Under review at Academy of Management Journal)


    Hays, N., Li, H., Jamieson, B., Yang, X., Oh, J. K., Yu, A., Chen, Y.-R., & Hollenbeck, J. R. A Tale of Two Hierarchies: Power Hierarchy and Status Hierarchy Interact to Impact Team Performance (Under review at Organization Science)


    Dragoni, L., Li, H., & Hausknecht, J. P. Lateral Moves for Developing Leadership Talent in the Age of Social Enterprise: A Caution and Strategy. (Under review at Harvard Business Review)

    Working Paper

    Tang, S.* & Li, H.* How Lay Understanding of (Dis)loyalty Influences Perceptions of Morality, Trust, and Interactions at Work (Estimated submission time: August 2019. Target: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes) * Equal contribution

    Dragoni, L., Li, H., Woodruff, T., Young, L. & Hymer, C., The Impact of Ambidextrous Leadership in Goal Orientation on Teams’ Adaptive Performance: A Mixed-Method Paper (Estimated submission time: August 2019. Target: Academy of Management Journal)

    Shen, X., Li, H., & Tolbert, P. S., Evaluation Schema Consensus Increases Investment in Ventures Using Emerging Technology (Estimated submission time: August 2019. Target: Organization Science)

  • Teaching as Instructor

    Teaching Interests:

    Negotiations, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource, Power and Influence, Leadership, Teams, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion, Cross-culture Management, Research Methods and Statistics, etc.

    MGMT 6820: Negotiations

    10/2018 - 12/2018

    (Required core course for Master of Professional Studies students at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management in Johnson College of Business)

    Student evaluation: 4.9/5


    "Your teaching style and well thought out curriculum created a great learning environment."

    -- Ross E. (Director of Development, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)


    "This was one of my favorite courses. It actually changed how I behave in discussions in the real world and how I view all disagreements." -- Anonymous


    "She was great at lecturing, explaining concepts, creating an inclusive classroom atmosphere, and pushing us to apply the material." -- Anonymous

    NBA 6660 - Negotiations

    10/2016 - 12/2016

    (Elective course for undergraduate, master, and PhD students)


    Student evaluation: 4.62/5

    "I really enjoyed your course, as I learned a lot, but most of all, I enjoyed your enthusiasm and how passionate you are about teaching. " -- Nicholas M. (Master student in Management in Hospitality, Resort Management & Finance)


    "I greatly enjoyed the class and think you did an excellent job of distilling such a broad topic into a manageable and useful series of lessons." -- Andrew G. (Lawyer & Managing Partner)


    "This class has been extremely enjoyable and it offered me a new perspective on negotiation and the business world." -- Sophie L. (Undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering)


    "I really admired the professor's willingness to listen to and help the students." -- Anonymous

  • Talks

    2018 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Management and Human Resources
    2018 Columbia University, Morris Lab
    2018 Cornell University, Future Leaders Program Hosted by CICER
    2018 Cornell University, SPARK (Scholars Present About Research and Knowledge) Talks
    2018 Cornell University, ILR ExPO Lab

  • Service

    Reviewer, Interdisciplinary Network for group research (INGRoup) Conference, 2/2018

    Reviewer, International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) Conference, 2/2018

    Reviewer, Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, 1/2014 - Present

    Author, the Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ) blog, 2018

    Coordinator, Advanced Workshop of Applied Psychology and Management, Peking University, 5/2011

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